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Галерея на DeviantArt'е:

Рисую намного больше, чем показываю. Кроме того постоянно пишу.
Рисунки делятся на следующие группы:
- Для IB и CN Gallery (Furry-Paws и Canis Novus)
- Гинга-рисунки
- Гинга-портреты
- Реалистичные собаки
- Полу-реалистичные собаки

Вот самые те, которые хочется показать: … clotus.png - Милла … clotus.png - Арни … ssadas.png - "друг Шефатовой", которого я никак не могу сделать. :\



Мммм,красиво +1




Часть небольшого англ. рассказа (тренировка английского, как раз). Следующая часть будет чуть позже.

Cob and Dupli-Cob

In beautiful Naples, so far from us, near the Santa Lucia place, one young cob stallion walks there and eats an apple that was given by a small mystery girl, who fades away in the strange mist.
Such a beautiful evening has been worried by this annoying cob. He pulled up the rock by his hind legs, it fells in the water and splashes. Sun shines still strong, but not with the force of the peak of afternoon. Soft and tasty wind blows slightly.
The day seems all awesome for the cob. These things make his mood so peaceful, he calmed down.
The stallion wanted to take a nap before hilarious night will start.
Warm ground and fresh grass have gladly welcome the cob; he rolls over on the back, nickers something, lays on his stomach and started nap.
He wakes up by force of knock. When he had the force to stand up, there’s nothing that could knock. Away from here, where the mystery girl fades away before his nap, the cob saw a silhouette that remind of the horse. Brave stallion tried to trot to the mist.
Only now he finds out it’s a night already. Moon’s rays carefully light the water and the ground. It seems to be so romantic night if you’ll look at the water, but if you’ll look to the hind mist it should scare you. It’s like two unrelated sides of the world: light and dark.
Light is for romantic sea and dark is for the scary town. It’s not too far to the pier and there’s a ship without any people (it seems so: no music, no move in the windows and so). Cob wanted to visit the ship – anyway he fears of the town but it’s so useless to be on the seaboard anymore else; the stallion finds the adventures much more interesting than just romantic view of the sea. 
He gallops to the ship and successfully enters it. The light is not off; it’s seemed oddly since the ship is empty of people.
Actually it was cruise ship and now people have gone to the town – night is time for fun. Some people already sleep, but almost aren’t.
The cob, of course, doesn’t know about the cruise time. In his opinion (do even horses have this one?!) this is just stupid thing of humans, they build, lighted and gone it. When he enters one room, its owners sleep already. It was pretty nice lady.
Stallion thinks: «Seems it sleeps but it still lights its box. It may be not a sleep but a nap. Anyway I need to be quiet here... Uh no!»
He quit the room (by the way, if you didn’t get how do horse can open the door: the door wasn’t closed at all). In the hall the cob gets the way to the various rooms. We know actual ways. In the left side: first is closed, second’s owner is gone (there’s a cup of tea on the table next to the bed), third room’s owners sleep (they’re two kids with their parents), fourth is closed. In the right side: first is that room with the lady, second is closed, third is closed too, fourth is a way strange unlighted hall with small rooms: two by both sides.
All of them are closed. Forward the first hall it’s another very lighted and big hall (actually it’s a dining room with a few tables).
Weird wallpaper makes it so scary and mental – it has dark yellow background with contrast light yellow ellipses which remind of eyes.
In fact dining room is much more lighted than other rooms, and it makes it all strange, mystery and a bit scary.
There’s no food but 3 cups with tea (looks like one which was in the second left room) on the table which is a bit strange – it’s not round, not square but wave–shaped. It looks as a cool idea for cruise ship. On the table except for the cups with tea there are also four candles, one big plate, two empty cups (it seems they had tea too), some kind of letter and unfinished ugly–looked piece of cake.
The cob didn’t realize that this piece is eatable, but he drank from water–bowl for pets. Being bored of this, he tried to get off dining room.
Passage between hall and dining room looks closed now with a mirror. The cob just did a mistake – the passage is in another side.
He trots to the hall. Through the passage it’s still his reflection, like in the mirror, but it’s all wrong. This reflection is just another cob.
Another cob looks really different from first one, but they acted just like reflection of each both. It scares them both.
First cob jumped back and overturned the table with all items on. Mirror stallion had stay without any move, after crashing the table he galloped away to the small hall with four closed rooms.
After some time the cob wanted to exit this damned and crashed place, but he still has to afraid of another mirror cob. He thinks:
«What the heck, another stallion here! Odd... I must leave this damned place!»
Here’s nobody in the passage or in the hall. The stallion gets lost in the halls. He turned left, and he’s in the small unlighted hall.
Mirror cob is not here anymore, but one door is opened now. The cob enters it. It looks like a stall for horse. There’s food, bedding and so, but it’s too much small. It’s lighted by a small low–lighting lamp. The cob liked it, but he guessed that this box belongs to the mirror cob.
«He’s poor one. It’s so small...»
And now the stallion is totally lost. He tried to enter other doors, only one worked, and it is main hall. He entered in the room with no owner there and the cup with tea. Nothing interesting he saw once again. Quitted it, the cob has walking to other rooms; he made a quick look to the dining room. There’s a mirror–cob again! The cob stayed without moves, then the cobs walked to each other, and it seems as reflection too. They did the last steps to be close to each other as it’s possible; it’s still looking like mirror–moves. The mirror cob said:
«What are you doing here on the ship?»
«Shut up, reflection!»
«Semi–reflection who can speak!»
«What do you mean?..»
«You’re my reflection! Duplicate! Dupli-Cob!»
«Isn’t it stupid? Are you OK stallion?»
«Shut up, Dupli-Cob!»
«My name is...»
«SHUT UP! You scares me!»

Dupli-Cob jumped back, bitted the cob by hind legs and trotted to the pier.
«Come back, you bastage Dupli-Cob!» – the cob yelled. «I will kill you! You will never scare me again, the duplicate! Dupli-Cob!»
The cob starts galloping to the pier. The mist is disappeared now, the music sounds heavly. In the night, in Naples, almost all have fun.
Except for the cobs, which have chasing; cob has caught Dupli-Cob and yelled something bad for him. He answered:
«I.. I don’t understand what are you saying about!»
«Oh yeah? Stupid Dupli-Cob!»
«Stop it now! I’m not your duplicate! You haven’t feathers on the legs, you have another color and...»
«Shut up! What were you doing on that thing? Why do you have a special place for you there?»
«That thing is a ship, cruise ship. That special place is a stall. I live there! I don’t live there always, I also live on the small meadow.»
«Ya are? Stupid. DUPLI-COB!!!»
«Chill out, mate, cheers...»
«Well, well. You aren’t my duplicate, are you?»
«Yes, I am... I’m not your drupli... Cob.»
«Is it bad to live there?!»
«A lot! I’m a cruise mascot–pet.»
«What’s cruise?»
«When people get them on the ship, and they live there for some time – mostly for the night. They will return again after night, and then leave it.»
«How stupid. Let’s return into the ship!»

They have entered the ship, Dupli-Cob starts telling about the ship’s rooms.
«These are all rooms for the people. Some are closed, some are not. Let’s enter this one that opened.»
«Oh what’s there?»
«It’s tea – a drink for people.»
«This thing was also in the box I met you first time.»
«Wasn’t it a dining room? Oh it’s OK, people make tea there.»
«It had an odd smell.»
«Let’s see it!»
«No, it’s impossible. It crushed when I scared of you.»
«It’s really bad.»
«I’m sorry.»
«No charges for you, mate.»
«Ahaha... Well. Can we go to see a female of human who sleeps?»
«It’s dangerous, bro.»
«Bro?! What did you mean? »
«Never mind. Let’s go. »

Это про лошадей, если кто не понял - cob = коб, типа ирландского коба.

Первый (the cob) - cob.jpg
Dupli-Cob - … e__img.jpg

Сюжета тут мало, просто фанфик к великой серии Cat and Dupli-cat (Том и Джерри Чака Джонса).
Будет фанфик и к O-Solar-Meow

Отредактировано Frozann (2010-01-17 20:32:13)



Ну ты даёшь!Ты рулишь!
Я бы так много по аглискому не написал,ещё +1



Спасибо большое :) Я всегда стараюсь как можно больше практиковаться в английском, так как мне это очень нравится. Когда писала это, очень много узнала.
Завтра постараюсь закончить/начать один маленький проект по рисованию.



А можо узнать?Ты рисуешь на планшете или мышкой?



Планшетом, естественно :)
У меня очень плохой планшет - Genius G-Pen 560. Проблем с ним достаточно. Если нужен будет список, то пожалуйста.
1. Долго не могла работать с ним на ноутбуке. Заработал только при смене мышки (!).
2. Некачественный "корявый" официальный софт
3. Было время, когда он выключался каждые 10-30 мин., приходилось вынимать его из USB, вставлять обратно. В это время могу задеть интернет-кабель, что повлияет на работу интернета - он выключится, а заново подключится можно только через 5 мин.
4. ^ и сейчас такое есть, но только после долгого "ждущего режима" (то есть когда я им не пользуюсь).
5. Проблема нажима, иногда не срабатывает давление на перо (после долгой работы).
6. Проблема "быстрого отключения". То есть я делаю мазок, он выключается где-то на середине того, что должно быть показано. Если отвести руку от планшета и опять сделать мазок, история повторится, и будет повторятся где-то 6-7 раз.
7. Последняя проблема, которая у меня была - не реагирование на нажим вообще, либо нажим удерживается постоянно (как если бы кнопку мышки зажать). Поменяла перо (профессиональный метод - вынать его зубами), вообще не реагирует. Поменяла USB порт для него - слишком реагирует (удерживает нажим).

Большее время приходится с ним бороться, а не рисовать.



да прикольна рисуеш))) :cool:


9 … things.png




Frozann написал(а):

1. Долго не могла работать с ним на ноутбуке. Заработал только при смене мышки (!).

Мммм,может и мне попробовать мышку сменить....Мысль.



классно рисуешь, очень красиво. Последую примеру Акаме и посавлю пару плюсов. :))



Frozann написал(а):

Часть небольшого англ. рассказа (тренировка английского, как раз). Следующая часть будет чуть позже.

а на русском? Х)



- Добро пожаловать к нам! Х)

- Cнимаю шляпу перед вами! Вы рисуете превосходно! Я взглянул на ваш арт и подметил для себя выразительность и реалистичность черт мордочек изображаемых собак, в которые я влюбился. Это здорово! Поверьте - никакие проблемы с планшетом вам не помешают! Х) Да и... Я бы прочитал бы ваш фанфик, ибо сам по правде не равнодушен к писательству, но, увы, я не изучаю английский. Может быть, вы любезно предоставите нам возможность прочитать его на родном языке?



Возможно я переведу его. Спасибо большое. :)



Лови плюсик!



Восхитительно... :cool:
У меня всегда вот так, когда я рисую :tomato:



Кейги написал(а):

У меня всегда вот так, когда я рисую :tomato:

Ахах,у меня тоже самое. Особенно когда я сидел на фурнации(шоб её -_-)



гыыы... Вспомнила ваш рисунок, про ненависть к фурнации :D


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